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Pancrase Champion Yuki Kondo! I stopped by to say hello where he taught to get a friendly rematch photo in 2009!
Japanese Shoot Style Pro-wrestling matches in Hard Hit/DDT & All Japan Pro-wrestling! 
vs Pancrase Legend Kei Yamamiya & AJPW Champ Atsushi Aoki & Hikaru Sato!



w/ Japanese Commentary on Daily Motion here http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x46hvqr
Testing out my Catch-Jitsu Grappling Tournament Rules for Semi and Quarter Finals Matches vs MIMMA HW Champ

Rolling vs the Chael Sonnen in Gi's and vs Amazing Huge BJJ BB Multi-time World Champ Fabiano Scherner

Visited Singapore, got to roll with Shinya Aoki & tons of Brazilian BBs at Evolve, & here rolling w BJJ BB Leke M

My 2nd NHB/MMA Fight w few months of real MMA/BJJ training & vs Pancrase Champion Kondo. Dan Severn 2000'

More Early NHB MMA Training 98-00' mostly, 2 NHB/MMA Fights, 3 Grappling Matches vs Mayhem & 310 lb. Fighter

My fights Daido Juku 3rd Kudo World Championships & 1st World Championships-1st Rd. vs UFC MMA Legend Horn

I do teach Kid's Karate Go Jiu-jitsu Ages 7-12 years old (Karate,Judo,Jiu-jitsu Hybrid) or Wolfcub MMA

TK's A-square got to spar/roll with MMA Fighters Kikuno and Kanahara!

Hard Training at the Daidojuku Kudo World Headquarters in Tokyo!





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