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Expert Instructor w/ lifelong of high level training, learn from someone that has trained w/ the Best in different countries!

Those that want to learn in order to teach these styles & classes should contact me via email. 

Become a  
Focus MMA, Grappling, & Self-Defense Affiliate 
so you can now become certified after lengthy review & study to teach a well rounded curriculum of classes in addition to whatever TMA you are black belt level in! 

Classes/Styles Taught
MMA-Mixed Martial Arts
Kickboxing Pads Class     (Muay Thai/Dutch KB)
Advanced MMA Neo Striking
Catch-Jitsu Grappling  (Catch Wrestling & Jiu-jitsu Hybrid)
Karate Go Jiu-jitsu      (TMA Blend in Gi's using S.T.G.Method)
Kid's Karate Go Jiu-jitsu   (Karate,Judo,Jiu-jitsu Blend)
Wolfman Combatives/Russian Martial Arts/Self-defense
Airsoft Combatives

MMA/Grappling/Combatives Expert/Analyst + MMA Media
Color Commentator first 5 Pancrase MMA EventsUFC Fight Pass
SAG Actor/Stuntman/Motion Capture Performer
NCIS,CSI: NY,Sons of Anarchy,Real Steel,Couples Retreat etc.

Pro MMA Fighter w/ 3 First Round Submissions
Advanced No Gi Grappling Competitor most wins by Sub
2-Time Kudo World Championships Competitor in Japan
Pancrase Veteran & MMA Color Commentator 
Fought Two famous fighters that fought for UFC LHW Title
Commentated First 5 Pancrase events on UFC Fight Pass
Japanese Shoot Style Pro-Wrestler; AJPW,Hard Hit,& Others
Had two Matches vs All Japan Champ Atsushi Aoki & a match vs Pancrase Legend Kei Yamamiya

Daniel Theodore AKA Dan "The Wolfman" "Ookami Otoko"

Available for Seminars, Private/Corporate Instruction, Commentating, Coaching at DanTheWolfman@hotmail.com 
or through Baron Entertainment for Acting/Stunts, Vox for MoCap! 
Seen on Sons of Anarchy, CSI NY, Couples Retreat, & Robot Metro in Real Steel! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2215280/

Top MMA UFC/Bellator, + Japanese Fighters Hayato Sakurai, Matt Brown, Ed Herman, Dan Severn, Dennis Hallman, Ryan Bow, Daniel Straus, Mike Pierce, Luigi Fioravanti,
Mike Ciesnolevicz, Kathy Long, Fabiano Scherner,many others Endorse My Instruction! 

Training in many different martial arts since 1986, MMA & Grappling w/the best UFC Fighters & coaches since 1997!
Mixed Martial Arts, Real Catch Wrestling, & Combatives Expert! Former Pro MMA Fighter,Kudo GrapplingCompetitor Stunt Reel Below-Sons of Anarchy+Real Steel-Missy's Stunts Combatives & MMA Highlight Below-Real Fighting at End  



As MMA Media have interviewed tons of Pro Fighters

RARE Submissions Live vs many UFC + Pancrase Fighters

MMA Sparring UFC vets Yoshihiro Akiyama + Yushin Okami

Wolfman Combatives/Russian Martial Arts/Instinctive SD



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DVD's Currently Unavailable for the most part
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 I have been fortunate to train with tons of top MMA Fighters/Grapplers such as Dan Severn, BTT's Marcello Grosso, Ti
to Ortiz, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, "Tank" Abbott, MFS/Matt Hughes/Robbie Lawler/Tim Sylvia, Saulo Ribiero, Eddie Bravo,Gene LeBell/Gokor, Black House (Lyoto Machida/Anderson Silva), Romulo Barral, Wajitsu KK/Yushi Okami, Grabaka, Alliance, Various Gracie/Machado Affiliates, JKD/Muay Thai/Shooto schools etc. 
I've competed against two UFC#1 Contenders Jeremy Horn & Yuki Kondo as well as against MTV's Bully Beatdown Host Jason "Mayhem" Miller!  I've won 3 NHB/MMA Fights by first round Submission as well as many Advanced Grappling Matches by Submission! I had a 1 Hour Long 85% Real Fight at Takada Dojo vs Sakuraba's Protege Sato for Pride President Takada! I was fortunate to fight and train in Japan many times + train Muay Thai Kickboxing in Thailand! I've trained many different martial arts since 1986, and hardcore MMA & Grappling training since 1997 with more of the world's best fighters and coaches than probably any other.  Highly Ranked in Japanese MMA/Karate Hybrid Daidojuku, Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Hayastan Grappling System (Mixture of Catch Wrestling, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, & Sambo under Gokor Chivichyan & Judo Gene LeBell), and Aikido. I also bounced for 12 years, survived a 2 on 1 Stick Attack, Survived a 10 on 1 Attack, and have extensive Combatives/Russian Martial Arts knowledge.  Founder of Catch-Jitsu, Karate Go Jiu-jitsu, MMA Neo Striking, & Wolfman Combatives!
Making you laugh in "Couples Retreat"  Stunts on Sons of Anarchy         Motion Capture on "Real Steel" w/ Sugar Ray!

Done MoCap on Real Steel and Metal Gear Rising! w/ Vox

Below-I did the Motion Performance Capture Robot "Metro" Fight Scene here in "Real Steel"!

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