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Below are some samples of the well-rounded approach
Catch-Jitsu Grappling will teach you!  It really is an entire Complete Grappling System!  I have compiled many, many, hours of my instructional video compilations that are very popular on Youtube that my student's can watch as reference material.  You will learn in a systematic way all potential options from each position for a total understanding of each position! This is much better than what is sadly normal of an instructor just teaching 3 random techniques they just learned or saw on youtube just before class (yes, it happens very often).   

Takedowns/Throws + Heavy Riding+ Top Positional Dominance + Practical Guards & bottom Game
Plus Total Body Submissions w/ Proper Bio-mechanics 
Learn Grappling that is suited for well for MMA,Real Street Self-defense, or No Gi Grappling competitions not just sport play point Gi Jiu-jitsu which has sadly become a very limited game with techniques that would get you hurt badly in a real fight.
But, as Nick Diaz famously said, "Don't be scared homie!", you can learn in a safe but real environment and grappling is fun, fun, fun!  You have to be in the moment, so all your worries and stress will go away.  

If on bottom, learn sophisticated lockdown half-guard, Butterfly Guard, Leghook guard, Leglocks, Reversals, Scrambles, & Getups All stuff that works equally well in real fights or competitions! 

Learn Total Body Submissions, not only armbars & chokes.  What about leglocks, neck cranks, & chest compressions? Too many supposed
jiu-jitsu/grappling schools have you flopping to your butt, wrestling only from your knees, no reaping allowed with bad or none-existent leglocks.
Do you really think that is keeping true to the self-defense/martial intent of jiu-jitsu? Plus, isn't learning everything being well-rounded just better, more fun, and more intellectually stimulating to understand the
bio-mechanics of the entire human body? Yes, you can learn it all in a safe environment!  Isn't having understanding much safer than being completely unaware of many locks, takedowns, and their defense?

My BJJ & Catch Wrestling lineage starting Jan 1997 (w/ about 4 months of Judo and a TKD Black Belt before that)
BJJ-Carlos Gracie >Carlson Gracie > Murilo Bustamante /Luis Duarte > Fabiano SchernerDennis L Hallman
 Early training at blue belt through Marcelo Grosso also goes back to Carlson Gracie through DeLaRiva
 Over 20 years of various training further lineage routes deviate but go back to Carlos Gracie whether that was training with Caique,Saulo Ribeiro, many various Gracie and Machado Affiliates (schools were switching a lot their affiliations from Relson to Rorion/Royce to Caique), Eddie Bravo, Alberto Crane/Romulo Barral etc. 
My Catch Wrestling lineage (albiet mixed w/ Judo/Sambo/JJ)
Ed "Strangler" Lewis* > Gene LeBell/Gokor Chivichyan>me
this goes back to Ed "Strangler" Lewis (Robert Friedrich) to Gene LeBell/Gokor Chivichyan to me or other ways back to Ed Lewis but through Thesz to years with Dan Severn. I started learning Combat Wrestling from Severn in 1997! 
My other major lineage route.  I have trained in many different martial arts since 1986!
Willy Charnock* > Billy Riley* > Karl Gotch* > Satoru Sayama > Yorinaga Nakamura/Paulson/Ryan Bow> me (Ryan also had training from Frank so Ken/Funaki/Fujiwara/Gotch/Riley as well so things get confusing and now even more confusing as Bow got a Black Belt from Rodrigo Nogueira so that goes back to DLR to Carlson too -I never trained w Yori directly but at JKD schools that taught official Shooto curriculum's and a couple of times w/ Paulson). Hallman also learned from Hume so that goes back to the Pancrase route as well! 
Below you will see many of my Grappling Highlight Vids when rolling with many Pro MMA Fighters, as well as Judo,BJJ,Sambo,& Combat Wrestling practitioners! I make these so people can see interesting transitions & Rare Submissions in actual live grappling action! The first two highlight vids I made are on the main page.  Thank you, and hope to see you! 







Teaching at Shooto Legend Hayato Sakurai Dojo in Japan
& at UFC Fighter Korean Zombie gym in Korea

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