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                           A Brief History into the adventerous life of Daniel Theodore:

Actor (CSI NY, Couples Retreat, Millionaire Matchmaker), Stuntman (Sons of Anarchy, NCIS, Chuck, Robot Metro in Hugh Jackman's "Real Steel" and also once doubled Sylvester Stallone), Pro MMA Fighter (Fought/trained in Japan many times and against two UFC #1 Contenders), 2-time "Kudo World Championships" competitor, MMA/Grappling/Combatives Expert/Analyst, MMA Writer/Media/Interviewer, and adventurer Daniel Theodore took up martial arts at the age of nine with dreams of being an action or comedy star and finding the most effective techniques of self-defense. 

He was the first black belt in his Tae Kwon Do school and started teaching classes at a young age. While in high school he learned as much as he could of different martial arts and was involved with acting. While still in high school he also started study at College studying Criminal Justice, Film, and Acting. Later at University he took Judo, Aikido, and TA'd Tae Kwon Do as well as starting both Self-Defense and MMA/Pankration/Grappling clubs. It was during his freshman year of 1995 that he first watched a UFC tape hanging out with his buddies. They attacked each other at the end of the tape doing their best to improvise submission holds. Dan announced he would do that stuff someday and his friends laughed at him. He announced that he would get the big wrestler Dan Severn to teach him, and about a year later Dan "The Beast" Severn called during his 20th Birthday party. Theodore was already training in many different styles of martial arts including Muay Thai, JKD, Gracie Jiu-jitsu, Machado Jiu-jitsu, Shooto and anything he could get his hands on when "The Beast" called. He quickly became known as Dan "The Wolfman" when the song "Little Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham was playing as he walked into Dan "The Beast" Severn's "barn" to train. His MMA adventures where just starting. 

Over the years he moved to train with and spar with top MMA fighters and grapplers such as Dan Severn (2+years), Brazilian Top Team Black Belt Marcello Grosso (6 months), Team Punishment with Tito Ortiz and Quinten "Rampage" Jackson (4 months), David "Tank" Abbott (4 months), all the fighters at MFS in Bentendorf Iowa (where he was also a Volunteer Fireman) including Matt Hughes, Robbie Lawler, and Tim Sylvia (14 months), BJJ superstar Saulo Ribeiro (1 yr), 2 1/2 yrs under 10th Planet Jiu-jitsu instructor Eddie Bravo (side by side with Joe Rogan), w/ BJJ superstar Romulo Barral & Alberto Crane (3 months), training in Japan with Daidojuku Kudo founder Azuma Sensei whom said he was a Daidojuku Black Belt, years with Gokor Chivichyan/Gene Lebell & is ranked highly in Hayastan Grappling System (Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Sambo, & Catch Wrestling w/ MMA & Street in mind) as well as in BJJ (Fabiano Scherner/Dennis Hallman), trained at the Invitation Only Top MMA Gym Black House (3 months)..home of Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, & Roger Gracie sparring Machida and Gracie often as they prepared for fights and training under Master Rafael Cordiero there as well as at his Kings MMA whenever he could make it, and many tops gyms in Japan like Yushin Okami's Wajitsu KK, Kikuta's Grabaka, & TK's Alliance! He's written for various newsletters, magazines, and websites. These include his own self-published early NHB newsletter, MMAweekly.com, Ultimate Athlete magazine, Fighters Only magazine, & Black Belt's FightSport magazine. He's also been mentioned in many of the above as well as various Japanese magazines. 

As a Professional MMA Fighter he has won three MMA fights by first round submission and is known for putting up tough losses to two top fighters and #1 UFC contenders Jeremy Horn and Yuki Kondo. He has had four fights in Japan and stayed there two weeks at a time to train with many Japanese Fighters. The first in the main event against Pancrase Champion Yuki Kondo. The second was competing against the Daidojuku Grappling Instructor, Judo Master, and Pro Fighter Susumu Yamazaki in the 1st World Daidojuku Kudo World Championships (a sort of MMA Self-defense style Karate that is an offshoot of Kyokushin Karate). The 3rd time he went to Japan was after doing very well at the Pride Tryouts where he hit former Ken Shamrock fighter Tony Galindo with fancy techniques like spinning backfists and spinning hook kicks. Pride took him to Japan where to his surprise he had an impromptu 1 hour long 85% real fight at Takada Dojo vs Sakuraba's protege Sato without a protective cup or knowing how long the fight was to last! This earned him the right to train for two weeks at the famed Takada Dojo (next to Sakuraba) and at TK's G-square with many top Pride, Deep, and Pancrase fighters! He has trained Muay Thai in Thailand and helped coach his friend Deep fighter Ryan Bow there. The fourth time he went to Japan to fight in the Daido Juku 3rd Kudo World Championships to further learn this "Kudo" style.  The 5th time to Japan lived in Saitama at the Brave gym and also trained very hard with top fighters at Wajitsu KK, and great rolling at Brightness Monma dojo. The 6th/7th trips to Japan were spent training at gyms like Grabaka, Hearts, and Alliance.  His 8th time staying in Japan longer term, has him guest teaching at Mach Dojo, the Combat Wrestling/Sambo Headquarters Academia AZ, and various other dojos!  

As a Grappling and Jiu-jitsu competitor he has done very well submitting most opponents at tournaments and submission challenges at MMA events competing in Advanced divisions. In 2009 beat a Dean Lister Heavyweight Brown Belt in a SoCal tournament.  At the Tito Ortiz Invitational he we covering the event for Ultimate Athlete magazine as well as spending a trial period with Team Punishment. At the end of the day Tito Ortiz instructed him to get his shorts on as he just got put in the Advanced Open Weight Division. He managed to armbar 310 lb. Pro fighter "Scary" Jerry (while "Rampage" heckled from the stands) and then got put with no break against MTV's Bully Beatdown Host, UFC/Strikeforce fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller losing on points. He famously came to the rescue of MMA Author Clyde Gentry when he was assaulted after a SoCal MMA event and survived a 10 on 1 attack that than ensued!  When still a teen he survived a 2 on 1 Stick Attack by a couple of Criminals. As an instructor he has taught at many different gyms, clubs, schools, and Universities both in the US and even Canada. He has done a seminar for the U.S. Air Force in Japan and ran a successful volunteer program at a high school turning some "At Risk" youths around. He currently teaches Muay Thai Kickboxing, Combatives/RMA, MMA, Karate Go Jiu-jitsu and Catch-Jitsu/No Gi Grappling. His own Modern Hybrid Martial Arts System "The Combat System" is a complete system covering all ranges of unarmed combat utilizing the S.T.G. Striking, Throwing, Grappling method focusing on Combatives, MMA, and Catch-Jitsu or RCW- Real Catch Wrestling! His over 1500 MMA, Combatives, and Catch Wrestling Instructionals, "Combat Jiu-jitsu" Technique clips, Fighter Interviews and TV/Movie Highlights have been viewed 35+ Million Times on Youtube!  Current Channels are called CatchJitsu.com & TheCombatSyste.com on youtube; Please Subscribe! 

He has acted and done stunts in TV and Film. This includes playing a mean Russian Mobster on Sons of Anarchy, Chuck, CSI NY, NCIS, being the robot "Metro" in the Hugh Jackman film "Real Steel", stunt doubling Superstar Sylvester Stallone for a VW Brazil Commercial, and also comedian Jason Sklar for Bank of America! Recently, he has done the Motion Capture as two characters for Metal Gear Rising!  He had the pleasure of cracking up Vince Vaughn on "Couples Retreat" doing two full reels of improved ad-lib and lines that were unfortunately cut being the last scene in a long movie. Having that creative freedom was an amazing experience and his reaction shots in the infamous tile store toilet scene appeared in some of the commercials. He's also had a small scene with Jimmy Smits on "Cane" and was on one of the first episodes of Fox's game show Hole in the Wall as MMA Fighters took on Backyard Wrestlers.  He has worked in the entertainment industry fulfilling his childhood dreams of being a working Actor and Stuntman in primarily Comedy and Action Roles.  

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